Our Team

Dr Deni Lindley (Denise) she is passionate about chiropractic and its ability to restore brain and body communication.  Dr Deni uses a variety of Chiropractic techniques from traditional manual adjusting to gentle low force methods including SOT and Activator.  Dr Deni is married and is the proud mother of 3 children and 5 wonderful grandchildren. She was born in Bundaberg and attended school in the area, moving away with family but traveling back often to visit. Having now decided to settle in the Bargara area, Deni is looking forward  to being around family and friends and getting to know the coral coast community.  

Dr Deni's Hours:  Mon 10.00am to 1.00pm, Tue & Thur from 1.00pm to 6.00pm, Wed & Fri from 8.00am to 1.00pm

Dr Lex Hewitt has a passion for health and wellness with a strong advocacy for preventative care. With over 20 years of experience in the allied healthcare industry Dr Lex began his career as a remedial massage therapist treating sports related injuries whilst working with the Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Lions, QLD Reds and Brisbane Roar before being inspired to pursue his goal of becoming a Chiropractor through his extensive experience in hands on body therapy.

Dr Lex is passionate about the health of the whole family undertaking postgraduate studies in Chiropractic Paediatrics. Chiropractic care for children uses age appropriate methods which may help with irritability, sleeping problems, delayed milestones, headaches, backache, poor posture or concentration problems and helps to support a healthy immune system.

Dr Lex uses a variety of Chiropractic techniques from traditional manual adjusting to gentle low force methods along with corrective soft tissue techniques and dry needling. Recommendations made by Dr Lex are specific to the needs of each individual and are effective for all age groups.

In his spare time Lex enjoys going to the gym, fishing and spending quality time with his wife Cara and 4 yr old son Jake.

Dr Lex's Hours are: Mon  2.30pm to 6.00Pm & Tue 8.00am to 11.30am

 Jack Lindley Chiropractic Assistants   He enjoys meeting and greeting each practice member. Has settled into the Bargara/Bundaberg area and is loving the climate, friendly people and exploring the district.

Jenny Layman Chiropractic Assistant 
We are very fortunate to have Jenny join our team, she is of friendly, care and resourceful. Jenny has over 13 years of experience in the industry and is a great advocate of chiropractic and can answer most of you question. Jenny is a Bundy lady and her family love living in Bundaberg because of the location, people and beaches.

Vision statement

Acting and living with purpose, embracing and driving change, being passionate with compassion.

Commitment with determination in reaching and achieving goals.

Mission statement

Maintaining and attracting practice members by offering uniquely personalised and professional care, promoting the wellbeing of all members by helping each to achieve and maintain the highest quality of life while still providing affordable chiropractic care in a comfortable environment.

We will do this through building open, honest relationships, through clear communication with family, friends and practice members.


Our passion is to reach out to as many people as possible to help them raise the quality of their lives through chiropractic.

Inspiring myself, family, friends and practice members to achieve their purpose and exceed ambitions while living and enjoying a healthier life for ourselves and those we care for.



1.   Passion for Our Work – We foster a true love and enthusiasm for our work.

2.   Empathy toward our Patients – Compassion, kindness, and a strong devotion to our practice members
needs is essential in all that we do.

3.   Integrity and Honesty – We adhere to truthfulness and both moral and ethical principles.

4.   Giving Real Value and Quality – High relative-worth and importance is integrated into all interactions with practice members

5.   Continual Improvement – We constantly strive to do better and be better, so that we may serve our practice members
to the best of our ability.

6.   Proactive Rather than Reactive – Rather than stepping in once a condition has escalated, we believe in intervening beforehand to create the desired outcome.

7.   Listening and Understanding before Acting – Ensuring a correct, thorough understanding before taking action is essential to providing optimal care